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I very much believe in philanthropy, and would love to help you raise money for your cause! 

How do we fundraise?
Fundraising events are easy to arrange with two options, or a combination of both:

  • Pre-order Sale: Pre-order and prepay items online.  Your members will place orders by a certain date, and then I will deliver the items on a specified date to a single location (usually a meeting or other gathering).  *Preferred and most effective fundraising.
  • In-person sale: I will set up a display at your meeting, house party, etc. 

How much lead time do we need to schedule a fundraising event?

  • Pre-order Sales: recommend that your campaign last 30-60 days.
  • In-person sales can be held as soon as a mutually available date is identified.

How much will we make?
You will make 15% of the total purchase price of sales generated from your supporters.

  • BONUS: I provide free delivery for the Pre-order sale to a single location.
  • BONUS: Campaigns that generate $2000 or more in sales, 20% will be donated.

How quickly will we receive our funds?
A check will be issued within one week of all payments submitted and the closure of the campaign (delivery or in-person sale).

Please contact me (by email tamiza@tamizastreats.com or in person) to want to discuss your fundraiser.

>>Fundraising FAQ (PDF)


Here's a list of some organizations that Tamiza's Treats has contributed to.


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